Do you also ship CBD oil to Belgium?


Yes, we also ship CBD oil to Belgium. If we do this by post, it often takes 1 to 2 working days. So if you order it today, you will probably receive it tomorrow. That is usually the case.

We have had several questions about whether CBD oil illegal in Belgium. Well, it is sort of a tolerated situation that we are experiencing now. Authorities turn a blind eye, and on the other hand, they watch the developments closely. We are aware that this is a bit vague, but people actually need this product. We do not have any experience with confiscation of CBD oil by Belgian customs or anything like that. In other words, we have never actually experienced that a package that did not arrive. Of course, it is possible that the postman makes a mistake. Yet, we have never experienced a parcel being intercepted or confiscated. So you can order from us with peace of mind. And if you like to visit us from Belgium, we are located in Eindhoven. You are very welcome



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