How to Use Dog Whisperer Tips to Calm an Overactive Dog


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Apply the expert tips of Dog Whisperer Cesar Millan to calm an overactive dog and life will be easier for man and beast alike.

Step 1: Withdraw attention
Be calm. Withdraw attention from an overexcited dog–don’t make eye contact, touch or talk to the dog to quickly quiet them.

Step 2: Put the dog to work
Put an overactive dog to work, providing a task with a clear beginning and end to help channel energy in a positive way.

Step 3: Exercise the pooch
Exercise an overactive pooch with a brisk walk to release energy, and it may become too tired to nip and jump.

Take an older dog for a swim to provide low-impact exercise.

Step 4: Show calm
Show a calm, assertive state of mind to encourage and create balanced dog behavior, because canines reflect a human’s energy.

Walk dogs before visiting a dog park for a calmer experience.

Step 5: Try aromatherapy
Try aromatherapy to calm a rambunctious and overactive dog, following your veterinarian’s advice about the best scents and safe dispersal methods. Nurture balance and stability in a dog and you just might renew your own inner calm as well.

Did You Know?
Man’s domestication of dogs began 12,000 years ago.



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