Top CBD edibles, Oils, Topical that are lab tested by CBD Headquarters Emporium


Top CBD teaser video on product categories of CBD we carry. New CBG oil tinctures in stock and shipping from Creating Better Days. Avocado/CBD full spectrum oil tinctures from 300-1250mg shipping while supplies last. Original Hemp Dr. Formulated Oil tinctures in 3 different flavors, Berry, Natural, Vanilla. Each for Sleep, all around or Energy. Funky Farms Oil Tinctures in three great flavors and 4 different mg’s. Lemon Limon, Orange Dream, Alaskan Ice. from 250, 500, 1000, 2000MG oil tinctures 30ml. Thats just a snapshot of a few top brands and why in oil Tinctures.

Picture the same or even larger in Edibles. From Kosher to Halal certified CBD Edibles in over 15 different specific supplemental gummys with CBD and Tumeric, Biotin, Matcha, Fiber, Omega-3, Propilis & Equinacea, Iron and more from Sunstate Hemp! Moving onto to specialty Nano CBD edibles that are Gluten Free by Creating Better Days or Vegan by Sunstate Hemp in over 15 different flavors like cherry bombs, variety packs (one of each), peach rings, watermelon rings, apple rings, strawberry rings, blueberry rings, fruit salad, kind bears, sour bears, traditional bears (clear no sugar around them), penguins, sour packs, rainbow belts and more. We even have full spectrum gummies in those flavors too.
Our Industrial strength CBD creams are the best the market offers. With fastest and longest lasting relief and best price against any brand on the market. We have massage CBD lotions in bay leaf, lemon grass & sage, Lavender, eucalyptus and menthol. CBD creams carried across the states from the finest dr practices. Come on and try one, see for your self.
Our vape partners are the best and supply certified lab tests and deliver the highest level CBD carts that are sure to pop in your mouth. From Sativa, Indica, Hybrid strands to Sour diesel, Dark Star, Maui Wowi and northern Lights 500MG carts you can enjoy any day of the week.



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