Step 2: Growing process: Topping, levelling & defoliating our mother plants.


In this video we will be topping and shaping our CBD hemp flower mother plants.
Yes, we can finally grow legal weed in europe…

This step is carried out to help achieve the maximum amount of healthy CBD hemp clones possible.
Our cultivation and growing techniques ensures our CBD hemp flowers reach the highest level of quality time after time.

Hemp flowers are high-CBD, low-THC products. This means that not only do hemp flowers not contain the compound that could give you a mind-altering high, they also have many potential medicinal properties.
The main reason why CBD hemp flowers are so popular is due to their rumoured anti-anxiety properties. Because of their high CBD/CBDA content.
CBD buds/hemp flowers are gaining in popularity right now as a substitute for smoking pot or weed.

*This video is for display and educational purposes only
*No minors

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