What is Full Spectrum CBD Oil? ? Veteran and First Responder CBD and Medical Marijuana Oil


Level 5 CBD is a veteran and first responder owned and operated medical company that is licensed to produce medical marijuana oil, full spectrum cannabis CBD oil and sell it through the California dispensary system by being a licensed Medical Marijuana manufacturer.

Pat Ridgel is a retired Navy Command Master Chief and he is our Operations Director. He has custom build a manufacturing facility that has passed through inspections from the FDA and State of California to produce the highest grade CBD oil on the market.

In this video Pat walks us through Full Spectrum CBD oil and how it is made using our winterized Supercritical CO2 extraction method. There are many ways to produce CBD oil, but the results of our COAs show that this method is the best for maintaining the terpenes in the oil essence. This is what makes an Essential Oil. L5 also removes the water, wax, and fiber so you do not have the “hemp, grassy” taste that you do from other brands. Removing the water makes the oil stable and does not require any refrigeration.

Full Spectrum Oil differs from the pure Isolate because it contains all the Cannabinoids, including THC and CBD, in the oil, and also the terpenes that are naturally occurring in the cannabis plant. Isolate CBD only contains the CBD molecule.

All of Level 5 oils are mixed with 100% certified Organic MCT Coconut oil. This ensure you will not have to shake or mix our oil prior to use. We do not mix menthol or any other oil that may impact the quality controls we have in place.

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Any business that does a private label we will be donating all proceeds to create a Telehealth System for uninsured Veterans who need help.

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