7 Natural Ways To Cleanse Your Kidney At Home


Today’s video talks about natural ways to flush your kidney of stones. Is celery juice any useful? Can Sambong tea flush stones out from the body? What exactly is stinging nettle? We’re talking all that and more.

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1. Stinging Nettle – 00:30
2. Hydrangea – 02:23
3. Sambong – 03:34
4. Fruit Juices – 04:45
5. Cranberries Juice – 05:58
6. Dandelion Root – 06:41
7. Celery – 07:28


1. Stinging Nettle
This is a natural herb with hair-like projections that produce a stinging effect. Since ancient times, this perennial plant has been used for herbal medicine. It is especially good for healthy kidneys.

2. Hydrangea
Hydrangea is a beautiful flowering shrub you would love to have in your garden. Its gorgeous pink, lavender, white, and blue flowers make it a very good choice as an ornamental shrub.

3. Sambong
Sambong tea has been widely appreciated for its wonderful health effects. Expert herbalists even claim it prevents kidney stones from forming, especially ones produced as a side-effect of drinking melamine adulterated milk.

4. Fruit Juices
Citrus fruit juice can be helpful in preventing the formation of kidney stones. Citrate from such fruits binds with the calcium in urine, inhibiting the calcium crystals growth in the body. These crystals later combine and form kidney stones.

5. Cranberries Juice
Cranberries have positive effects on your bladder and can be used to reduce the risks of certain kidney stones.

6. Dandelion Root
Dandelion Root is an excellent kidney tonic. It helps eliminate waste, improve digestion, and increase urine production. This is due to the stimulant effect it has on the production of bile. Dandelion stores Vitamins A through D. It also contains minerals like iron, zinc, and potassium.

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