Russia Releases 800 Tigers And 500 Lions To Enforce Stay Home Rule


Russia Releases 800 Tigers And 500 Lions To Enforce Stay Home Rule
Amidst the coronavirus pandemic, one Pakistani Twitter user Nasir Chinioti posted two photographs – one of Russian President Vladimir Putin and the other of a lion roaming on streets – with a claim that Putin has left 800 tigers and lions in Russia to clamp down on citizen’s movement across the country. He applauded the ‘stringent measures’ taken by Putin and opined that this will “push people to stay home.” The photograph of the lion strolling across a road was posted by another Twitter user with the same claim. Facebook page Hamra TV shared the image and said, “President Vladimir Putin has dropped 800 Tigers and lions across the country to push people to stay home.” While the Facebook post has garnered close to 1,200 shares, the tweet has amassed over 34,000 retweets.Lord Sugar, the chairman of Amshold Group, too tweeted the image with the text, “Is this a wind up”. Along with his tweet, Sugar posted a supposed screengrab of a news channel which claimed, “Russia has unleashed more than 500 lions on its streets to ensure that people are staying indoors during the pandemic outbreak”. It was retweeted more than 5,500 so far. Multiple other users on Facebook and Twitter shared the image with an identical claim.
With a reverse search on Google, Alt News traced the image back to April 2016. The image is from South Africa’s Johannesburg and has nothing to do with the recent pandemic. “It’s almost old news already, but if you didn’t see it yet, here is the lion that was roaming around Johannesburg CBD in Braamies last night,” reads the caption attached to the image shared by Facebook page CICA – Crime Intelligence and Community Awareness – South Africa on April 13, 2016. Coronavirus: Russian President Releases 800 Tigers And 500 Lions To Enforce Rule || VoiceOTV No, Putin is not using lions in Russia’s coronavirus lockdown No, Putin has not left 800 lions on Russian streets to ensure lockdown during COVID-19 pandemic Tigers prowl Texas backyards

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