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INDIANA – A six-part webinar series is focused on raising the awareness of the hemp growing possibilities in Northwest Indiana. The series will keep participants up to date on the latest regulations, growing techniques and business tips that will help people succeed in the emerging hemp industry.

The Hemp 101 Webinar Series will be led by experts in the Hemp industry including local farmers, agronomists, economists, health professionals, and other industry professionals. The goal for the webinar series is to educate Northwest Indiana citizens, landowners, and farmers about hemp growing logistics, economics, and other considerations for producing commercial hemp in Indiana.

The first program of the webinar series is being presented by Dr. Maria Marshall, a Professor in the Department of Agricultural Economics at Purdue University and Director of the Purdue Institute for Family Business.

Marshall has an internationally recognized program focused on small and family business development. She will also provide an overview of the Hemp market. The overview will include trends associated with licensing, pricing, and production. She will also provide a summary of recent producer surveys detailing 2019 producer expectation and experience. In addition, she will touch on the COVID- 19 Virus and the impact to the Hemp industry.

The Big Picture: The Economics of Hemp – Maria I. Marshall, Ph.D., Professor, Department of Agricultural Economics Purdue University

Tales from the Hemp Fields – Marguerite Bolt, Purdue Hemp Extension Specialist

Seeds, Seedlings and Clones: Hit the Ground Growing! -Petrus Langenhoven, Ph.D. Purdue, Horticulture and Hydroponic Crop Specialist Piper Halpin, Founding Farmer, Hemplet Farms, LLC

Regulatory Update – Robert Waltz, State Chemist and Seed Commissioner at Purdue University OISC, and Justin Swanson, President, Midwest Hemp Council

The Need for Clinical Trials: Can Hemp be a Solution to the Opioid Crisis Orthopedic Surgeons: – Dr. Nick, Nenadovich and Dr. Anthony Levenda, Founders of Hemplet Farms

From Soil to Oil: Planning Ahead – Nate Forristall, Business Development Manager, Viobin

What Hemp Means to the Local Economy – Heather C. Ennis, President and CEO, NWI Forum, Bri Ciara, Director, Newton County Soil & Water Conservation District, and Jamie Petty Campbell, Executive Director, Midwest Hemp Council

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