Bio Factor X – Higher Compound


This formulation is developed from natural ingredients with safety as a prerequisite. It has been formulated to be used in conjunction with any cannabidiol, THC or opiate painkiller and may enhance their pain modulating effects. The directive of this compound is to increase the activity of the naturally occurring peptides, known as enkaphalins, which are found in mammals. These peptides are known to have potent painkilling properties.

This composition does so by specifically targeting the two opioid receptor sites (MU and Delta) which modulate enkephalins. In doing so, the potential of increasing the biochemical influence of the CBD/ THC components can be demonstrably enhanced.

The use of both CBD and THC for pain killing purposes has been well documented. The formula may also enhance enkaphalins without utilizing CBD/THC. Thus far, this composition has been reported in those who have used it to reduce pain, lower anxiety, improve mood, and mitigate tremors. More research will be conducted based on these promising results.*

The formulation has thus far not exhibited any substantial psychoactive enhancing effects.

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Kevin Meehan’s life changed when he was diagnosed with diabetes at 17. Now in his sixties with no symptoms of diabetes at all, and with decades of medical practice behind him, he is passionate about helping others learn to better care for themselves. As an integrative health practitioner trained in both western and traditional Chinese medicine practices and with a background in bio-chemistry, he has a unique set of skills and knowledge on human health to share with others.

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* These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.



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