Budtender Levi from the Silver Stem Fine Cannabis Dispensary presents the Dutch Treat Haze strain


Our Lead Budtender from the Silver Stem Fine Cannabis Northfield dispensary would like to present the Dutch Treat Haze strain.

Strain Description:
Known for its fruity aroma and earthy undertones, Dutch Treat Haze is a captivating sativa dominant hybrid. Its immediate energetic effects make it a sociable, creative, and appetite stimulating strain.
Effects: Happy, Relaxed, Aroused, Euphoric.
Symptoms: Fatigue, Low Energy, Low appetite.
Negatives: Slight Cotton Mouth, Dry Mouth, Mildly Red Eyes, Hungry, Mild Paranoia.
Conditions: Anorexia, Bad Digestion, Bipolar, Disorder, Depression, IBS/Crohn’s, Glaucoma.
Contains: 25% THC and 0,4% CBD

Silver Stem Fine Cannabis Northfield cannabis dispensary is located in Commerce City, one of the fastest-growing places in Colorado, and is close to downtown Denver and is a Dispensary near Denver International Airport. Located near the famous Dick’s Sporting Goods Park, the store sits in the heart of the vast shopping district of Northfield. It is one of the best cannabis shops in Northfield.
If you are looking for the best Dispensary Colorado, the right choice is Cannabis Dispensary in Commerce City, a part of the Silver Stem chain.
Stop by Silver Stem Fine Cannabis Commerce City dispensary and enjoy a wide range of cannabis products, including the finest flower from our legendary master-grower Jim. With every concentrate from wax and shatter to live resin and rosin, and a huge selection of edibles, our friendly staff will help you pick just the right product inside a dispensary.
Visit us: 5275 Quebec St, Commerce City, CO 80022



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