Is Chewing Tobacco Better For You Than Smoking?


Tobacco can cause cancer whether you’re smoking or chewing it, but did you know that chewing tobacco can also cause bacterial infections?

Why People Who Smoke Look Old –
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Want to Stop Smoking? Just Do It!
“Smokers who picked a date to give up their addiction entirely versus those who gradually tapered off their smoking were 25 percent more likely to kick their habit, scientists from the Oxford University report in the Annals of Internal Medicine.”

Chewing tobacco: Not a safe product
“You can call chewing tobacco by whatever name you want – smokeless tobacco, spit tobacco, chew, snuff, pinch or dip – but don’t call it harmless. Whether you use chewing tobacco or other types of smokeless tobacco because you like it or because you think smokeless is a safe way to use tobacco, be forewarned – chewing tobacco can cause serious health problems.”

Bacteria in smokeless tobacco products may be a health concern
“A further danger is that several species of Bacillus, as well as some Stapphylococccus epidermidis and Staphylococcus hominis strains can reduce nitrates to nitrites, which can potentially lead to formation of carcinogenic, tobacco-specific N’-nitrosamines within the tobacco products, said Foley.”

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Written By: Jules Suzdaltsev



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