Wyld CBD Vegan Lemon Gummies review East Coast Herbalist


Wyld CBD is a great company out of Oregon. They found a niche in manufacturing CBD infused gummies and beverages and they do not disappoint with the quality of their products.

These broad spectrum vegan gummies come in four flavors: Lemon, Huckleberry, Raspberry, and Blackberry.

Made with high quality ingredients, they contain non detectable levels of THC, and taste incredible.

There is a lack of quality gummies on the market because most companies are making low quality, processed, crap products with artificial everything. CBD isolate is most common and some even spray the distillate on the gummies leaving a disgusting liquid film.

Tired of the gummies made in someone’s basement? Us too, that’s why we partnered with Wyld CBD to sell their products in our high end stores.

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