CBD7 CBD Explanation. Learn what makes a great CBD!


CBD7 with Purzorb® has the HIGHEST absorbing CBD formula you can get. We tend to get results where other CBDs don’t. Why?

Organic-sourced: no extra junk like insecticides or toxics
Super-critical CO2 extraction: the best known way to preserve the CBD
Full-spectrum: 10X more effective than an isolate
Water-soluble: 15X better absorption than oily CBDs!
Column Chromatography: The best Post-process to make sure it’s perfect
3rd-Party Certification: Independent lab verifies it’s pure & potent
Award-winning Taste: Easier to swallow 🙂👍🏼
Utilizing American organic-grown Hemp and made right here in the USA🇺🇸

Who else does that? Who else can? Starting this over 10 years ago, the Purzorb® formula in CBD7 is PROVEN EFFECTIVE. It is THE ONLY non-pharmecuetical CBD proven effective in 14 key areas by the NIH (National Institutes of Health). These areas include significant improvement for key markers in Anxiety, Sleep, Pain, Diabetes, Inflammation, Cholesterol, and more.

Want the best? You found it! Learn more about CBD in the video and find us online at CBD7.life or call 833.TRY.CBD7



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