The Benefits Of CBD For Humans & Dogs – Angela Ardolino


To see Angela on her rescue farm, Fire Flake Farm, surrounded by dogs, chickens, geese, and her pet pig, is to see her in her element. Looking at this furry, joyful family, you would never suspect that Angela and her pets were once full of aches, pains, and anxiety.

In 2013 Angela was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis. She was determined to find alternatives to the toxic medications offered. She’d heard of the benefits of CBD oil, and once she identified a pure source for CBD in California to help relieve her painful symptoms, that’s when her life changed forever. Angela spent the next couple of years working diligently to educate people about medical cannabis and fighting for its legalization in Florida.

In 2016, Angela hosted the Canna Conference to bring together doctors, veterinarians and patients to learn about the positive effects of medical cannabis and how cannabis reacts in the endocannabinoid system. Angela also earned a professional certification in Medical Cannabis for therapeutic use from the University of Vermont College of Medicine. Angela became active in the organizations Women Grow and United For Care, serving as an activist for making safe, natural, ethically grown hemp and medical cannabis available for people and animals to use in the US.

While the government battled about growing hemp, Angela spent two years searching for ethical, safe hemp farmers in Colorado, where growing hemp was legal. She also spent that time finding trusted partners and building her team, including an essential oils expert who has produced plant-based products for over 30 years, and Hernando Umana, a Broadway performer and CBD expert.
In June 2018, Angela launched CBD Dog Health and its line of full spectrum hemp CBD pet products. The passage of the Farm Bill that same year legalized hemp-growing in all 50 states, ensuring that these products will be available to the people and animals that need them most.

Angela is also the owner of Beautify The Beast, a natural grooming, pet boarding and retail shop, where she educates pet parents regularly on the benefits of hemp medicine.

When Angela isn’t speaking and teaching about holistic animal care and the many benefits of cannabis, you’ll find her at Fire Flake Farm. The farm not only provides a safe habitat for neglected and abused animals, but grows organic vegetables, microgreens and herbs.



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