What types of things, is CBD being used for in the US for dogs? | ElleVance Sciences


Q&A session with Stephen Cital, RVT, SRA, RLAT, VCCS, CVPP, VTS- LAM (Res. Anesthesia) Leading expert in medicinal Hemp CBD ElleVance Sciences Ltd | www.ElleVanceSciences.com

Stephen, I’m just wondering what types of things, is CBD being used for in the US for dogs?

Pet owners are really interested in using CBD products on their animal based on their own experience. Maybe with personal use and certainly the media surrounding these types of products, some of the most common indications that we see people using a CBD CBDA products for are, osteoarthritis or, chronic pain conditions in the animal in general. We certainly see an interest in those pet owners that maybe have a really anxious animal, and then certainly there’s an interest using these types of products to mitigate, side effects from other therapies the pet might be going through. Maybe your pet has cancer, they’re undergoing chemotherapy. These products are really, really great for decreasing, some of nausea, increasing the appetite and certainly decreasing some of the discomfort associated with being an older animal with a cancer concern.



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