How to Make Cannabis Infused Oil or Butter


Nurse Jessilyn shares her knowledge and tips to help others learn to cultivate and make their own cannabis medicine. Jessilyn is a cannabis nurse researcher and educator, massage therapist and herbalist with decades of experience. Educate to medicate! As a medial patient and caregiver, Jessilyn is honored to share her combined allopathic and holistic wisdom and the spirit of this sacred plant with you.

This video shows the how to steps to making your own homemade cannabis lipids that can be used for baking, cooking, or topicals. Jessilyn teaches multiple ways to make cannabis infused oil or butter. Don’t forget to subscribe for more cannabis creations.

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Prepare cannabis-Break cannabis up and remove stems as needed.
-Use your hands or a mortar and pestle (removing large stems before grinding).

Decarboxylate cannabis – bake/heat the cannabis to activate the cannabinoids (THC/CBD).
Preheat oven to 250 degrees and bake plant material in a closed container to preserve aromatic oils, called terpenes/terpenoids.
Optional methods:
-A sealed canning grade jar (Ball Jar).
-A Corningware or Pyrex dish with a fitted lid.
-A tin foil envelope with the edges sealed.

Bake cannabis for 30 minutes. For hemp or 1:1 cultivars, increase time to 90 minutes.
When the time is up, remove from oven, and Allow to cool before opening

Infuse oil with cannabis- Add 2 CUPS of oil or butter per 1 OZ of cannabis.

Food grade oil, if possible organic, with a medium to high smoke point. (I prefer coconut, olive or avocado oils and use butter selectively). Different oils have different flavors, nutritional values, and consistencies, which can make a difference for edibles or topicals. To infuse the oil use one of the following methods:
-A crockpot on the lowest setting. Melt solid oil or butter before adding cannabis.
-A Double boiler method or a Ball jar in a hot water bath. Simmer on low, replacing water in the pot as needed. Stir occasionally.
-A saucepan on the lowest setting. Stirring constantly to not burn cannabis.

Make sure all the cannabis is completely covered in the oil. Infuse for an HOUR or so, keeping the temperature at 200 degrees or lower. I use a laser gun or candy thermometer.


Strain your infused oil- You can use one of the following methods to strain your oil:

-Unbleached cheesecloth, over colander or metal strainer in a clean catch container. (Tip: Use clips on the sides to help hold the cloth in place.)
-An organic muslin reusable produce bag into a clean catch container.

Storage- I always use Ball jars, label and date your jar, store it in a cool dark place, the fridge or freezer. If you know the THC potency of your cannabis material, calculate your dosage.



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