TOP #54: The Benefits of CBD for Dogs


Theory of Pets podcast episode 054: The Benefits of CBD for Dogs and How to Use Cannabidiol with Pets Correctly (with tips and advice from Kat, founder of Austin and Kat).

Full article/transcript:

It’s been known for a while now how medicinal marijuana helps people with a variety of health problems. In recent years, we’ve seen an increase in similar related treatments for our pets, and particularly canines. Yet many people still overlook the benefits of CBD for dogs, so I decided to delve deeper into this topic.

In today’s podcast episode I’m speaking with Kat who is the founder of Austin and Kat. For her business, she had to do a huge amount of research on cannabidiol for pets, how it works, what can be cured using it and what other benefits it provides. Note that CBD is a naturally occurring component in hemp plants and it does not contain THC, and there’s been a number of scientifically proven uses of with pets and humans.

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