CannaGurt – Raw Goat Milk & CBD Oil For Dogs, Helps With Digestion, Allergies, Overall Health


One of my favorite supplements to add to a dog’s diet is raw goat’s milk. It is one of the best foods you can give and is extremely easy and reasonable in cost but far-reaching in its benefits. Whether you feed your dog kibble, canned, cooked or raw you should be adding raw goat’s milk to your dog’s food and to supplement their overall diet. A newer supplement coming to the market is CBD oil for dogs. This hemp oil delivers the physical and dietary benefits without the psychoactive high which is from THC which is removed from the oil. Early studies are showing a wide range of additional benefits especially for dogs with specific issues whether it be healing & recovery, allergies, environmental sensitivity and mood and much more.

I was excited to find a supplement from a great raw and BARF dog diet focused company that combines raw goat’s milk and CBD oil together. This combination is even better than providing both separately as the CBD oil can bond with the fat in the milk for more efficient and effective delivery to your dog.

In these hands-on impressions and insights, we take a closer look at CannaGurt from Steve’s Real Food. We provide you all the key information you might be wondering about including benefits of raw goat’s milk and CBD oil and whether it is safe and what are some great ways to feed it to your dog.

Cannagurt also takes it even further by including hemp protein in the base of simple but rich and nutrient-dense ingredients. This provides further benefits on top of the CBD oil and raw goat’s milk. These include additional Omega 3’s which many dogs suffer from a lack of. As well as fiber and protein.

Steve’s Real Food ( for Pets )

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