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Today we are going to deal with a very important issue and it is “dog with mental illness – self-harming animal- how to know if my dog is sad”.

The stigma surrounding mental health is starting to wane, as the topic is more acceptable to discuss and treatments have become more accessible.

This is no surprise, being that 1 in 5 adults in the United States is affected by mental health conditions.

Causes of Mental Illness in Dogs.

causes of mental disorders in dogs:

Illness and physical pain.

Kenneling and confinement.

Degenerative issues.

Anatomic disorders.

Toxic issues.

Abnormal nervous system activity.


How to Treat Mental Health Disorders in Dogs.

Here are some of the ways mental health disorders in dogs can be treated:

Exercise & Mental Stimulation.

A sedentary lifestyle can lead to anxiety and depression in dogs, which can often cause erratic or destructive behavior.

Making time to exercise your dog and providing mental stimulation can help prevent these behaviors.

Massage & Body Awareness.

Natural or Prescribed Medicines.

Some mental health conditions are brought on by physical pain a dog may be experiencing.

For humans that prefer holistic remedies, natural products like CBD oil can be used as a treatment for dogs with anxiety.


As pet parents, you may be tempted to smother your pup with affection if you suspect they are suffering from depression.

Too much attention can lead to more anxiety for dogs, so sometimes it’s best to give them their space.

Pursue Their Interests.

Letting your pup pursue the activities they love will help keep their spirits high.

If your dog likes to chase things, start playing a game of fetch every day.

One of the worst things you can do (for your dog, and for yourself) is ignoring a problem in hopes it will diminish with time.

Regular trips to your veterinarian are helpful in two major ways:

You will have peace of mind that your dog is happy and healthy, and your chance of catching or preventing illnesses early on will increase.

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