CBD Dog Treats – CBD Treats for Dogs (Not Cats)


🐶🏆 #1 Best CBD Dog Treats – Mr. BoJangles Recommended 👉 https://go.mdcforhealth.com/cbddogtreats

This video covers hardly anything you need to know about CBD dog treats that is important – other than Mr. BoJangles loves them. I give him 4 “cdb dog treats” per day and there is 2.5 mg of CBD for dogs in each cookie.

BoJangles LOVES the MyDailyChoice Hempworx CBD dog treats and I’ve noticed it seems he is in less joint pain after increasing his meds from 5 mg per day to 10 mg of cbd for dogs every day.

My biggest question when I first bought CBD oils for dogs – then later the cookies – was: What is the proper CBD dosage for dogs… the right amount of CBD for seizures and the right amount of CBD oils for dog anxiety. And don’t know if there really is a right answer to that. I started with 1 drop of the cbd oil for dog and just increased the dose until Mr Bo seemed to be doing better.

👉 https://go.mdcforhealth.com/cbddogtreats



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