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5 Quick Questions for Farmers & Agri-Businesses

We invite you to take the Hemp Farming Outlook Micro-Survey then join our Podcast, “Outlook: The 2020 Hemp Farming Season,” Tuesday, April 7. Our guest analyst for the Podcast is Hana Gabrielova, CEO at Hempoint, veteran seed broker, farmer and consultant based in the Czech Republic.

How to participate:

1. Farmers & Agri-Businesses: Take the micro-survey, online until Monday, April 6.

2. Everyone: Join “Hemp Around the World,” HempToday’s Podcast on the global hemp scene for discussion of the micro-survey results and the upcoming planting season with Hana Gabrielova.

About the Micro-Survey

Only 5 quick questions: The is an informal survey to get the discussion going for our Podcast: All responses are confidential. The micro-survey questions are online until Monday, April 6.

Join the Podcast Tuesday, April 7

Gabrielova is one of Europe’s leading authorities on the
cultivation seed market and hemp farming. With the 2020 planting
season upon us, Hana will give you a guide to this important part of
the hemp value chain.

What’s in the Podcast

and dialogue with Kehrt Reyher, HempToday editor & publisher, and
Hana Gabrielova, CEO, Hempoint:

  • Current market conditions & trends
  • European hemp varieties
  • Resources & information to guide you
  • Overcoming trust & integrity issues
  • Characteristics of the hemp cultivation seed market

Hana will also talk about:

  • The business of seed multiplication
  • Issues relevant to import & export of planting seeds
  • How coronavirus is affecting Hempoint operations
  • Status of THC in Europe
  • The new Henola (Polish) strain
  • Her company and current activities

About Hana Gabrielova: Hana
is founder and CEO at Hempoint, Czech Republic, a vertically
integrated organic hemp farmer and food innovator and one of Europe’s
leading hemp consultancies. She works directly with local farmers and
contractors in creating a constantly evolving line of hemp food
products from farm to shelf. She is accredited by the Czech Ministry
of Agriculture as an adviser in organic farming with a specialization
in hemp. She also serves the International Cannabis and Cannabinoids
Institute (ICCI) on matters related to Patient Focused Certification
(PFC) standards for cannabis.

About Kehrt Reyher: Kehrt
is founder of HempToday and co-founder of the Poland-based Nakło
which supports environmental protection, entrepreneurship and green
industry thought leadership globally; and historical preservation,
economic development and tourism at the local level. He is founder
and past President, CEO and Chairman of the Supervisory Board of VFP
Communications, a Warsaw-based B2B media company. A former European
Bureau Chief for Smart Grid Today, Kehrt previously worked as an
editor in the U.S. at The Providence Journal, The Detroit News and
USA Today.

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