KarmaSue Education Series: CBD 101 – Is CBD Right for Your Pet? Part 2



Part II will continue where Part I left off. We will focus more on cannabis in relation to behavior this time around and learn about dosing and monitoring.

Special Guest Facilitators:
Casara Andre, DVM, cVMA
Jan Lewis, Founding Director responsible for AZ and CO adoptions and APWGSPR Treasurer
Tess Warner, MBA, BS, CPhT, CPDT-KA, VCC
Trish Wilhelm, CVT, VCC
Tess Warner, MBA, BS, CPhT, CPDT-KA, VCC

Casara Andre, DVM, cVMA
Veterinary Cannabis – Education and Consulting
Link to website: veterinarycannabis.org/

About Dr. Andre: As the Founder of Veterinary Cannabis Education & Consulting, Casara Andre, DVM, cVMA is dedicated to providing practical education and harm reduction training to the emerging veterinary cannabis field. She firmly believes that scientific curiosity can and will open unexpected, exciting, and hugely beneficial opportunities within this field but also that scientific rigor and scrutiny must never be neglected.

Dr. Andre is a 2009 graduate from Virginia-Maryland Regional College of Veterinary Medicine. While in veterinary school, she commissioned as an Army Veterinary Corps officer and has traveled the country providing veterinary services to military working dogs and family pets. It is her passion to help both pets and veterinary practitioners find their own “veterinary well-being” and is dedicated propagating sustainable, community-minded paradigms that ensure the well-being of both pets and the veterinary practitioners that care for them.

Dr. Andre also serves the veterinary community as the Owner of Cultivate, a veterinary co-working community; the Director of the Colorado School of Animal Massage; and the Manager of Scheduled Relief, a networking service connecting veterinary clinics and relief veterinarians.

Jan Lewis – Founding Director responsible for AZ and CO adoptions and APWGSPR Treasurer
From Jan – “We became GSP people in 2011 with the adoption of our first GSP, Riley, which was totally by luck. My husband wandered into our Wal-Mart during a local shelters adoption event and found her. When I arrived a few minutes later, I knelt down beside this beautiful GSP, she put her paws on my knees and leaned into my chest as if to give me a hug. A few minutes later, I took her home! She has taught us every day since then why GSPs are such an amazing breed!”

We have 2 GSPs now, foster failure of the best kind and 2 mixed breed dogs. I have been in rescue since 2013. In my professional life I am an Engineer for a large Communications Company. I am a native to Colorado. I have been married to my husband for 23 years. I love our house in the country, because it provides enough open space for our dogs to run. I love going to the gym, camping, fishing, hiking, and pretty much anything outdoors.

Tess Warner, MBA, BS, CPhT, CPDT-KA, VCC
Tess is a passionate member of the veterinary community with several years of experience. She has worked in a variety of roles: Certified Pharmacy Technician in a veterinary compounding lab, Certified Professional Dog Trainer (Knowledge Assessed) for obedience and agility, assistant manager in a general practice veterinary clinic, leader of a statewide practice manager organization, and general manager of a specialty clinic devoted to canine rehabilitation. She earned her Veterinary Cannabis Counselor Certification in early 2019. Tess believes that integrating science-based training methods with high quality veterinary care will provide optimal support for the well-being of our animal companions and for the human animal bond.

Trish Wilhelm
CVT, VCC, Co-Founder of VetCS
Link to website: VetCS.com
Trish accomplished her veterinary education and training at Bel-Rea Institute of Animal Technology in Denver, Colorado. Upon completion of her internship, she obtained her title as a Certified Veterinary Technician.

Trish is the Co-Founder and director of operations for VetCS, a veterinary based CBD company for dogs, cats, and horses. She previously served as the Patient Care Coordinator for the largest Equine referral clinic in Colorado.

Trish volunteered in animal shelters and various small animal clinics, but always knew her passion in the veterinary field resided in Equine Medicine. From there, her career was dedicated to specializing in all aspects of horse medicine. She enjoyed her time becoming skilled in large animal field medicine, lameness, advanced imaging, dentistry, and surgical cases. She is an active member with CACVT and AAEVT.

Trish has been an advocate for the therapeutic properties of cannabis for over a decade. The science behind incorporating cannabis in veterinary medicine quickly became a passion of hers. Trish loves working with pet owners to help guide them to achieve wellness with their pet, while encouraging them to continue to work with their veterinarian throughout the process.



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