What Is Hemp Seed Oil, & How Do You Incorporate It Into Skin Care?


If you’ve read my previous beauty stories, you’d be across how insane my skin is. It freaks out when I’m stressed – and what has been more stressful than this coronavirus chaos and the ensuing restrictions that have completely changed our lives?

The way my skin freaks out is this – I get very dry. My skin is extremely sensitive and hates a LOT of products it usually tolerates. I eventually learned these are signs of a compromised skin barrier – where your natural oils and the balance of good bacteria is screwed, leading to irritation, redness, breakouts and more.

A while back I wrote about hemp seed based brand Cannabella, but since then more hemp-based products have hit the market, and I’ve tried a bunch. My skin seems to LOVE hemp seed! It’s in a relationship with it!

1. What Is Hemp Seed Oil?

Well, it’s not the same as CBD oil, which can make you high. Hemp seed oil is made directly from the seeds, not the leaves, so it’s got barely any cannabinoids, if any at all.

2. What Does It Do For Skin?

Hemp seed oil is an amazing hydrator. It’s high in omega acids 3, 6, and 9, which are absolute chiefs when it comes to both hydrating the skin, but also soothing inflammation and irritation.

This means it’s perfect for a compromised skin barrier, or anyone who struggles with dryness, irritation or sensitivity. But it’s important to look for products that omit other ingredients that can CAUSE irritation – there’s a long list, so your best bet is to get acquainted with the bad stuff so you can suss it in an ingredients list.

3. How Do I Use It?

You can get hemp seed oils that are designed to be applied as a face oil – which, controversially, are meant to go on last (as in, after your moisturiser). Don’t be scared of face oils, even if you have acne or breakouts. According to dermatologist Joshua Zeichner, MD who spoke to Byrdie, hemp seed oil can even help regulate oil production.

Other products will incorporate the ingredient into serums or moisturisers. Here are a few I’ve recently tried that I’ve LOVED.

Cannabella Renewal Serum, $34
Andalou Naturals CannaCell Dreamy Night Cream, $34.99
Eve Lom Radiance Face Oil, $125
Cannabella Hemp Jelly, $30
Hemp Worx Hand Cream, $9.95

And these ones are a a cheeky inclusion as their actual hero ingredient is cannabis satvia seed extract, but this extract does a similar job, with the explicit targeting of stressed, irritated skin – and they’ve been bloody amazing:

Cosmetics 27 Recovery 27 Serum, $174
Kiehl’s Cannabis Sativa Seed Oil, $69

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