Service Dog Training – Crossing at Traffic Lights in busy Melborne CBD !


We simply crossed the busy CBD street! This is a’ big thing’ for Niki, and could not have done it without Yoshi by her side!
Yoshi is now15 months old and doing quite well.
I can see in the video how people *mostly* get out of our way rather than bump into us! Amaze-balls!!!! 🙂 GO TEAM YOSHI!
***Training note – at the time, I thought Yoshi was being ‘naughty’ by not remaining in his ‘sit’ position while we waited at the crossing, but when I watched the video back I realised Yoshi was actually blocking for me as people gathered at the crossing!
Such a Good boy Yoshi! Our training is clearly working!
Also – he is looking at the camera because Mum is holding it… grr. lollll Yoshi LOVES the camera and Loves our Mum too!!! xx


*Again apologies for shaky video – but you get the idea!

Yoshi is being trained for PTSD (this is because we found out he will not grow to the size&robustness promised by the breeder. 🙁 Yoshi was originally purchased for Mobility Assistance, but just focus on PTSD training now. Niki is in the process of saving up to buy a 2nd dog for the Mobility Work – a Black Russian Terrier… definitely big and robust enough! hehe
Apparently two dogs is better than one for multi-purpose Service Dog work – or maybe it is the fact we always try our best to see the positives in life!!! 🙂

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Thanks for watching and seeya soon!!

Much Love,
Niki&Yoshi xx



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