Girl who inspired CBD movement has passed, but passion driving it has not


It was announced this week that 13-year-old Charlotte Figi of Colorado Springs, CO has died from what her family believes to COVID-19 complications​.  She was diagnosed with Dravet’s Syndrome as a child, which is a form of epilepsy that it hard to treat with conventional therapies.  Charlotte’s family had success using CBD oil, which they said helped control her seizures and gave her a life similar to that of other children.  She gave her name to one of the leading companies in the sector—Charlotte’s Web.

The pain of a parent with a challenged child

Eight years or so ago with a previous employer I worked at an office in Boulder, CO, which is one of the hotbeds of the medical marijuana and hemp products movement.  I met families there who had moved to Colorado (one of the early adopters in the cannabis game) at that time specifically to have access to Charlotte Web’s products and other CBD products for their children who had problems similar to that of Charlotte’s.

These parents were adamant that CBD was saving their children’s lives.  These were children who were suffering sometimes dozens of seizures a day and were dying by degrees right in front of their parents’ eyes.  CBD didn’t cure these children, but in the view of these families it quelled their seizures well enough to let them to have some semblance of a normal existence.

I don’t doubt the veracity of these anecdotal reports.  As the one-time parent of a special needs child myself I know how laser focused you can become on your child’s condition and the effect (or lack thereof) of the things you try to do to help.

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